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NX through proxy (“tunnel”)

Say you want to connect to an NX server that is behind a firewall, and some corporate VPN client doesn’t work on your OS. You have your ssh connections neatly set up to connect through a proxy that is outside the firewall (mine is called “myproxy”). That proxy has netcat (nc) installed. For example, your […]

Build OpenNX on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Update 14th Nov 2013: Keyboard mapping works fine when NoMachine’s NX server is used instead of FreeNX. Update 10th Nov 2013: Turns out that the OpenNX 0.16.725 dmg works on Mavericks after a re-install – no reason to go through these instructions unless you want to build a 64-bit version. They keyboard mapping bug is […]

NX on Android

Before anyone gets excited: I’m cheating here. This is not a native NX client for Android (more on that at the end of this post). I’m running ubuntu in a chroot environment under Android. It works surprisingly well though.   Ubuntu on Android Installing Ubuntu in a chroot environment is not the scope of this […]

Convert flash video to Android format with ffmpeg

If your flash video is already in a format that Android can read, such as h264/x264, there’s no reason to recode the whole file. You can simply copy the video and audio streams into a new container that Android can make sense of. Check the audio and video codecs: $ ffmpeg -i flashvideo.f4v Copy the […]

Using the GPIO pins on a Pandaboard

The Pandaboard is a neat little computer featuring a dual-core ARM processor. While the on-board GPIO pins seem like a fantastic way to use this board for all sorts of projects, I couldn’t find any documentation how to address them from linux, so here’s a summary of what I did: Make sure your kernel supports […]

Alpine vs. Mutt

Here are some real-world reasons why Mutt sucks less than Alpine: Mutt can handle MIME/PGP multipart messages out of the box. This is a nightmare on Alpine. I have yet to find someone who gets topal to run in less than a day. Google contacts can be accessed from Mutt using goobook. With header and […]