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Category: Free Software

NX through proxy (“tunnel”)

Say you want to connect to an NX server that is behind a firewall, and some corporate VPN client doesn’t work on your OS. You have your ssh connections neatly set up to connect through a proxy that is outside the firewall (mine is called “myproxy”). That proxy has netcat (nc) installed. For example, your […]

Build OpenNX on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Update 14th Nov 2013: Keyboard mapping works fine when NoMachine’s NX server is used instead of FreeNX. Update 10th Nov 2013: Turns out that the OpenNX 0.16.725 dmg works on Mavericks after a re-install – no reason to go through these instructions unless you want to build a 64-bit version. They keyboard mapping bug is […]

Build TrueCrypt on OS X 64 bit with hardware acceleration

The TrueCrypt binary for OS X that you can get from has several issues: It’s a universal binary for powerpc and i386 lacking 64 bit support; It uses an outdated version of FUSE that can cause all sorts of problems with other software that also relies on FUSE; As a universal binary, it doesn’t […]