Python IDE

by cs

Python, SciPy and NumPy don’t come with a graphical user interface. That’s probably what puts most MATLAB users off leaving the Dark Side. Here’s a review of two free cross-platform Python IDEs.

  1. Eclipse + PyDev
    +Excellent code completion, syntax highlighting, refactoring.
    +Used by plenty of large-scale software projects.
    ±Looks the same on all platforms: bad.
    ±IPython is integrated as an interactive shell since 2.2.2, but difficult to access. Interactive plotting doesn't work.
    Not exactly lightweight.
  2. Spyder
    +Good code completion and syntax highlighting.
    +Excellent IPython integration. Matplotlib works just fine.
    Development mostly depends on one guy. Who does a great job btw.
    It's clearly geared towards Windows. No installers for OS X are available. "You can easily run Spyder on all major platforms" is plain wrong: Installation on OS X through MacPorts takes forever (because of Qt).
    Qt applications look bad on GTK and OS X.

Eclipse + PyDev make the race, in particular on OS X. If only they could get interactive plotting to work.